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Bhylls Acre Primary School

Address :
Bhylls Lane,
West Midlands

T:01902 761153
F:01902 761153

Bhylls Acre Primary School is a Staffordshire Local Authority school but the overwhelming majority of our pupils are from the Wolverhampton City Council area. There are many reasons why parents and carers choose to send their children to our school but if there is one common factor it is that parents like the \'small school\' feel and our excellent location which is within the Wolverhampton city boundary but on the edge of the farmland and fields of Staffordshire.

We are committed to supporting our pupils to be happy and fulfilled life-long learners. Working in partnership with parents, we strive to create a caring community in which pupils feel safe, secure and trusted. Our pupils are supported by praise and encouragement, as well as being encouraged to be self-motivated to learn and succeed. Through setting high standards, our pupils can enjoy both academic success and learn to make a positive contribution to our school and wider community.

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