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Dig It Projects - Training Workshop Program


AWARD WINNING - DIG IT Projects can provide a garden consultant with an excellent background in growing fruit & vegetables and other horticultural themes.  They will pass on expert advice and knowledge through individual sessions spread over the growing season, starting from the completion of your garden site or for any existing plots. The program will help identify your own requirements.  They work on a flexible rota system designed to fit around the school schedule / breaks.
The workshops can provide valuable assistance with any gardening club you may be running through your Extended Schools Programme.

Programme to include:

  • 10 separate 1 hr sessions will be available to full classes / split groups / individual teachers, pupils or others.
  • The programme can be used to set up or for existing Extended School activities by way of a gardening club.
  • Guidance in all aspects of growing fruit and vegetables and herbs to suit your requirements including:
    • Soil preparation
    • Planting schemes (sowing – harvesting)
    • Crop rotation
    • Composting
    • Pest control

Please note that certain produce can be grown throughout the year and not just in the spring or summer months.

More information can be provided on request.

See workshop Feedback from other Schools.

Note: Additional sessions can be arranged.

Full ENHANCED CRB / DBS check and Insurances in place.

Please contact us for further details.
*Please note only available in our cathment area, contact us for details.

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