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Welcome to our new services to Schools section provided by Award Winning DIG IT Projects.


We can now provide a series of Healthy Growing and Planting LESSON PLANS for indoor and outdoor activities to cover teachers PPA time and provide extracurricular tuition for the pupils, teachers and parents through our Exclusive ‘LEARNING without WALLS’ Programme.

What can we provide and cover?

We can provide a member of our Training Workshop staff to deliver an educational lesson based around growing fresh fruit and vegetables and allotment projects, from running an allotment style garden to the growing of seeds, planting, nurturing to harvesting the produce. It can all be linked to current curriculum targets through our specially developed lesson planswhich have been developed by an approved OFSTED inspector.

Healthy eating and lifestyles have never before been higher on the Schools agenda with current initiatives such as:


·         Healthy Schools

·         Eco Schools

·         Sustainable Schools

·         Delivering the Core Offer

·         Change4Life and 5-A-Day


These can be delivered either in the classroom as mini-projects or individual pre-planned lessons, or outside the classroom as a more hands on approach in your school garden.

We can also provide the necessary equipment to deliver the Lesson.


‘LEARNING without WALLS’ – Workshop Programmes.

DIG IT Projects can provide a garden consultant with an excellent background in growing fruit and vegetables and other horticultural themes.  They will pass on expert advice and knowledge through classroom sessions to cover teachers PPA time based around the teachers timetabled teaching time.

The programme will not only cover valuable PPA cover time for the teachers but will enhance the pupils learning outcomes.

Program to include:

  • Sessions will be available to full classes / split groups / individual teachers / pupils. 
  • The Program can be used to cover PPA Time or to set up or for existing extended school activities by way of a gardening club.
  • Our Exclusive ‘LESSON PLANS’ will be used to deliver the cover time.
  • Guidance in all aspects of growing fruit and vegetables and herbs to suit your requirements and can be used outside in an existing garden area you may have at the school, including:
    • Soil preparation
    • Planting schemes (sowing – harvesting)
    • Crop rotation
    • Composting
    • Pest control

Please note that certain produce can be grown throughout the year and not just in the spring or summer months.

DIG IT Projects have been designing and installing allotment style gardens into schools for since 1998, these have been backed up by our very successful training workshops.

After excellent feedback from teachers and Head teachers we are now in a position to offer these adapted workshops to cover teachers PPA time, After School Clubs and through Holiday Periods.  


All our staff carry FULL ENHANCED CRB CHECKS and are FULLY INSURED. They have expert knowledge and background in this subject of growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and plant life and can deliver practical activities to full classes, Teachers and Parents in School time or out.


Our uniquely designed LESSON PLANS can be adapted to suit any class size or Key Stage starting from Foundation Stage to Key Stages 1,2,3 and 4.

If more than one Teacher or Class need PPA cover then we can provide additional staff to cover extra pupil numbers.


These are our new LESSON PLANS titled “LEARNING without WALLS” – Series 1, specifically designed and formatted for teachers and learners to follow. 

They have been developed by an approved OFSTED inspector and have also been looked at by a number of Head Teachers with excellent feedback.  They are designed and formatted for Schools to follow, linking in with many current curriculum targets and subjects, based around "Growing" - Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs & Plants.


They can be used for Foundation stage to Primary Key Stages 1 and 2, as well as Secondary Education Key stage 3 and 4, year after year.


They are in Microsoft 2003 and 2007 format with a power point presentation along with the lesson plans to guide and follow you through the subject matter. They can be adapted and personalised to suit your requirements, enabling you to customise them.


There are 17 Lesson plans covering 9 different subjects as below with 9 power point presentations.  

Also covered on the disc is extra Support Material relating to growing Herbs, and Useful Resource Web Links  


  1. Mini Greenhouse
  2. Compost
  3. Roots & Shoots
  4. Soil v Hydroponics
  5. Germination
  6. Photosynthesis
  7. Speed of Decomposition (Compost)
  8. Extracting Starch
  9. Herb Garden covers lessons 9-17


What do the Pupils get out of it?

 ·         Healthy eating and lifestyle values.

·         Develop social and confidence skills.

·         Team Building.

·         Meet new people and respond to different learning techniques.

·         Learn about the growing and planting of fruit and vegetables and their associated learning outcomes.

·         Experience a new and exciting learning initiative.

·         Become more environmentally conscious.

·         Discover new outdoor learning practices and a more hands on approach.

·         Educate in the recycling of garden waste.

·         Interaction with insect/wildlife and plant life.


These sessions can be delivered either in a traditional learning environment or outside in an existing allotment or garden area you may have.

Workshop Staff

We only employ knowledgeable experienced and passionate people around this subject. Character references are always requested prior to employment and a full enhanced CRB certificates must be obtained.


We regularly monitor our staff working in schools through both observing their lessons and also keeping in regular contact with the Head-teacher and/ or coordinator in school. This is again to ensure that all pupils develop in a safe learning environment and get the best results.

Please contact us today for more information and costs.

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