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The PSHE Association is the subject association for all professionals working in PSHE education.

Our mission: To raise the status, quality and impact of Personal Social Health & Economic education (PSHE) and enable high quality PSHE education teaching and learning for all children and young people. 

At Dig It Projects we believe that our outdoor features and installations can enhance childrens learning activities and development through their own imagination and creativity.  Using more natural and sustainable materials to develop these areas of play, combined with current educational techniques provided by learners and teachers.

What is PSHE education

PSHE education is a planned, developmental programme of learning designed to help learners develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.

It deals with real life issues which affect children and young people, their families and their communities, and engages with the social and economic realities of their lives, experiences and attitudes.

Why is PSHE education important?


  • it makes a major contribution to the health and achievement of children and young people
  • it contributes to the welfare and safety of children and young people
  • it underpins young people’s future employability through the development of the personal and social skills which commerce and industry demand from our workforce
  • it helps to increase children and young people’s independence and ultimately enables them to take responsibility for
  • themselves.
  • it prepares them for their future role as parents, employees and leaders


Personal development

What is the relationship between PSHE education and personal development?

PSHE education makes a significant contribution to children and young people’s personal development but is not synonymous with it. The promotion of young people’s personal development (which includes their social development) is a fundamental aspect of education. It underpins other learning. Personal development is enhanced as children and young people develop the skills they need to grow and develop as individuals and members of society. All aspects of a child and young person’s experience at home, in school and out of school contribute to personal and social development. It is a function of all subjects and curriculum areas.

PSHE education contributes to personal development by helping children and young people to build their personal identities, confidence and self-esteem, make career choices and understand what influences their decisions including financial ones. It enables them to recognise, accept and shape their identities, to understand and accommodate difference and change, to manage emotions and to communicate constructively in a variety of settings. Developing an understanding of themselves, empathy and the ability to work with others will help them to form and maintain good relationships, and better enjoy and manage their lives.

Visit the National Curriculum website for more information on Personal Development.

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